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Yoga Studio

To provide a place to begin and maintain a life of balance, well-being and vitality.
To provide a haven in which people can come to relax, rejuvenate, and renew.
To build strength and flexibility and reduce the effects of stress and aging in people’s lives.
To provide a welcoming, open-hearted place for everyone to find an activity that works well for them, wherever they are in their journey.

Hello Friend

You are powerful, brave and beautiful. You know what you want and you know how to get it. Trust your gut. Fight for the truth, protect the vulnerable and speak from the heart. Be the change the world needs. Rise up and fight for your purpose. You deserve it, you’ve worked for it, you’re worthy of it. Believe in yourself.

Raising Warriors


Vinyasa Yoga

An inspired and vigorous vinyasa flow practice that dynamically links breath with movement in a balanced sequence of sun salutations, standing postures and seated postures. Each class is tailored to fit the students in the room, while providing plenty of opportunity for students to find their edge. This yoga class combines classical yoga teachings, healthy alignment and breathing techniques that calm the mind and open the heart.

Packages to meet every budget!

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Where it started

"I realized I'd stumbled upon something great the very first time I took a yoga class.  With a mind that is never quiet or slows down, I didn't even know that not thinking was an option.  As I laid on my mat mid class, I became aware of myself not thinking. The chatter had ceased. It felt amazing. I believe that yoga can benefit everyone regardless of age, size or belief system. It can definitely increase your strength and flexibility, but more than that, it can reveal a place within you that is calm and steady."  ~Angie

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No Fancy Equipment Needed

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“Exactly what I Needed.”

Casey H.

“I finally found my tribe of women.”

Donna S.

“As a newbie to yoga, I felt so welcome.”

Jennifer B-G.

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